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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Tour

circa 1930
Two large Japanese maples on the front lawn.

This is post is mostly for my mom, my AJ and my friend Tegan, who have all, in various ways, hounded me for photographic evidence of my house.  Here you go girls!


Living room, to the right of the door.  

Dining room, to the left of the door.
Yes, it came apple green and yes, we are leaving it for now.
Wise words, given to me years ago by a good friend.

Looking into my Pumpkin Toast kitchen.
Looking out of the kitchen into the dining area.
Love the arch?
Cool new backsplash.  My handiwork, thank you!

At the end of the kitchen, another arch, facing the back door and the pantry.
And since we are facing the back door. . . 

To the Right of the back door.  Large concrete patio area and storage shed.

Right of the back yard

Left of the back yard and garage.  See the three raised beds, Tegan?!
I can't explain the tire.  I blame it on Thomas!

The school room is in the heated, insulated garage!
Look at those boys, hard at work!
Behind Thomas is a row of built in cupboards and drawers.
The wall behind William is also lined with book cases
and the washer/dryer is in this room as well.

Let's get back inside because this is Oregon and I'm getting wet!

Entry into the bath and the vanity.  No, I didn't choose the asparagus green and yes, I will be repainting to something less vile!

The master bedroom is to the right of the bathroom and stairs to the left.

Have a peer into my bedroom!

Yes, that's my street sign from Portsmouth!
It's ancient and it came down in a Nor'easter.
I "rescued" it!

The color is Tate Olive, same as in William's room.

Shall we go upstairs?
The stairs and the second floor had horrible blue carpet which we tore out to find lovely hardwood painted in brown.
We will be refinishing floors, hopefully when the weather is nicer.  The carpet in the LR will also come out because those floors are hardwood as well.  And UNpainted!  Whew!

Landing to the L and the R.
See the built in cupboard?

William's room.
 Look at that built in cupboard and window seat!

The other half, and another built in cupboard.
It's behind the huge Triceratops that, believe it or not, was
in the RV with us.  It's a leftover from VBS that he won't be parted with!

Thomas' built ins in his Columbia Blue bedroom.  His choice.

His unmade beds as well!
I promised photos, not a perfectly tidy house!

There you go!  Inside and out, bottom to top.  1,008 square feet, cozy as can be.  We love it!

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  1. Neat house! I hope we'll get to see it in person before too long!