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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Calling (from) Baton Rouge

I'll leave the country music fans to "get" my title!  If you are at all familiar with geography you will have figured out that we are, indeed, heading west.  Our plans for hanging out in GA and then mosey-ing through SC, NC, and VA abruptly changed after my last posting.  We went as far as Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base last Tuesday and then ended up staying due to some repairs needed on the pickup.  Nothing major but it caused a delay in plans and cost a good chunk of change.  I'm wondering if Donald should become a mechanic.  Mom, I can hear you laughing!
Georgia Pines at King's Bay
From Kings Bay we went to Savannah, home of Ellen Robillard's people.  We spent an entire day walking the cobbled river front streets and admiring the antebellum architecture as well as the dripping Spanish Moss and all the flowers in bloom.  We also ate at the Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant.  While we thought the prices were fairly reasonable given her star status we were not terribly impressed with the food.  Some of it was really good but I don't think I've ever had a worse crab cake.  I did have fried collard greens and they were delicious.  #1 had straight collard greens in all their slimy state and declared them delicious.  So I had to try them and I agreed.  #2 nearly killed himself eating corn pudding from the buffet and we all agreed the peach cobbler was worth the trip.
She's pretty cute for cardboard!

Here's where it started!

We left Savannah yesterday morning, stayed in Pensacola last night and now we are in Baton Rouge.  Our plan is just to keep heading west, planning our route according to campground availability, warmth and whatever sights we want to see.  Oh, and also to keep blogging so you'll know where in the world those Twist's are!

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