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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Search of Hot Water

What do you do when you have no hot water in your house on wheels?  Yeah, we don't know either!  We've looked online for help, we've tried everything in our manual and we have talked to two different dealers, neither of which were local or helpful.  While my boys certainly aren't moaning about not taking a shower, I, for one, have had a cold shower two days in a row.  I don't mind not showering for a day or two but not when it's 80 degrees and I've been exercising daily.  Not to mention that washing dishes in cold water is somewhat futile but certainly better than not washing at all!  We have been driving like mad fury to hit the west coast (we are currently at a KOA two hours east of a "west Texas town of El Paso"-any Marty Robbins fans out there?) but apparently circumstances are going to force us to slow down and find somewhere to get the RV fixed.

Generally speaking you would call in a someone who knows about hot water heaters.  Not us.  We have to drive our house somewhere (where???) and then sit around in a lobby for hours while it gets repaired.  The good news is that any repairs should still be under warranty.  Our destination for tomorrow was a base in Tucson and the dealer there said they can't even make an appointment for us until the end of next week.  That's just not going to work for us!  I feel pretty opposed to using a campground shower house.  Call me picky but I'd rather go without than try to get clean in one of those places!  There doesn't seem to be a clean or dry spot to put all your clean and dry things.  Not to mention spiders lurking about, waiting to jump into my towel for a free ride to my head. Blechh!

Once again, all part of the Big Adventure.  Stick around and find out what happens during the next installment!


  1. Camping World repairs RV's (www.campingworld.com). There are a few locations in Texas. Could it be a fuse? Pilot light? Just some thoughts.

  2. Denise,
    Is it a gas hot water heater? I suspect it is a demand hot type water heater, that means there is not a tank, but heats the water as it is required. probally one or two things might be wrong.(If you have gas) either the themo-coupling is not working or the igniter is not working. Demand type hot water heaters are becoming more popular with coventional housing. Instead of seeking out a RV dealer try a heating cooling- water heater type repair shop.