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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday Funny

I believe I was propositioned on Sunday morning.  It was certainly a new and interesting experience.  I rode my bright yellow bike to the local Safeway early in the morning for the paper.  It was a typical Oregon spring morning; riotous loads of flowers every color in the rainbow but with a dismally grey sky threatening to pour down any second.  Not wanting to waste time, I left my helmet on, locked my bike, walked straight to the papers, selected my Oregonian, handed over my two dollars and walked straight back.  As I approached my bike there was a reasonably normal looking man, mid-forties (ish), who tried to strike up conversation outside the recycling center, where unfortunately for me, my bike was locked.  I made zero eye contact as I tried to fasten my paper to my bike rack and unlock my bike quickly.  In the space of about 90 seconds I realized he was not okay as he not only inquired if I was into roller derby or mud wrestling but also asked if I wanted his phone number while informing me he could teach me to downhill ski.

I think you all know by know that Unsolicited Conversation with Unknown Persons makes me nervous.  Further Unsolicited Conversations with someone who may or may not be On Something when I am alone in a deserted parking lot early in the morning made me want to a.  laugh hysterically and b.  see if I could break my previous time for biking home.  I know, I know, Jesus loves this guy and probably would have had some fish and bread with him for breakfast.  If Jesus had been bike riding with me I may have hung out a little longer just to see which way the conversation would turn.  Maybe the guy would have tried to give Jesus a downhill ski demonstration, just like I received.  I'm sure the guy wasn't a real threat and most likely he was just being friendly.  However, I think I'll start having the Sunday paper delivered from now on!

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