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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"We none of us want to be in calm waters all our lives."  Penned by that ingenious author of brilliant dialogue, Jane Austen.

Even if I did want to be in calm waters all my life, it just isn't going to happen.  Since my previous wine and roses post we have had to get a new truck.  One of our neighbors was a helicopter pilot in the National Guard for 36 years.  Those guys get paid the big bucks to listen for things that "don't sound right."  Which were his exact words to Donald last week with regard to the start up sound of our diesel truck.  Donald and I pretty much stared blankly at each other because we sure couldn't hear anything.  Since it is our only vehicle and must pull our house when required, Donald decided to take it to a professional.  The professional said some gibberish about two of eight valves completely not working as well as head gaskets being blown.  His prescription was a princely sum of $5,000.  After swallowing hard, several times, we realized there is no way we have that kind of money.  Remember, we just spent $4,000 fixing the same truck in April.  Since we had already discussed trading in for a truck with a better engine we decided the time was right.

As in, right now.

Donald spent 12 hours last Thursday truck hunting, finally returning home, exhausted, with his kill at nearly 10 pm.  He found a dealer willing to give us half what the old truck ought to have been worth and in trade, we bought a 2002 Dodge 3500 dually with a Cummins engine.  It's exactly what my step dad recommends and he knows, being a rancher who hauls stuff as well as an amazing mechanic.  It's not terribly pretty and the back seat is not really large enough for my long-legged and still growing boys.  Not to mention packing in two dogs.  However, the engine and transmission are better, it has less miles than our old truck and the tires are brand new.  Major plusses, all.

This week we get a loaner car from the dealer because they are installing our fifth wheel hitch and trailer braking system.  I forgot how small cars are after riding around in a Ford King Ranch F250 for the last year!  It's a sporty, cute, little Kia something or other and I feel minuscule in it!  My country girl self can't wait to get back into her big, noisy diesel.  It certainly isn't a "green" vehicle but I love it!  

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