"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, August 5, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

The moving went as well as could be expected with the requisite number of bruised limbs and cardboard cut fingers.  The day was made really interesting when Shakespeare decided to flee the moving madness by taking advantage of an open door and no supervision.  Imagine seven children patrolling the neighborhood and all yelling, "Shakespeare!"  My friend Cassy drove me in ever increasing circles as I leaned out the window and yelled the same.  Having a missing dog made my attitude about moving improve drastically.  I barely thought about the move and just loaded boxes and furniture on autopilot as I tried to pray for my idiot dog who has the speed of a small dirt bike coupled with no traffic sense whatsoever and for the two boys who would miss him severely.  As we neared the end of emptying the house a neighbor across the street received a text about a missing dog named Shakespeare at the same time all seven children were yelling.  Someone several blocks up the street had nabbed him and took him to a not-so-local vet.  The story ends happily with Shakespeare prancing out to me in the waiting room with a "what-took-you-so-long" wag of his stumpy tail and a casual lick of my face.  He really makes me crazy but having him missing for several hours made me realize I cannot do without his quivering, neurotic self!

We've been in the RV for a week and everyone is acceptingly calm about our recent uprooting.  Being back in the RV makes three months of living in a home seem like a faraway dream.  Did it really happen?  Bizarrely, we rather wonder.

We actually like RV living because of its wonderful simplicity.  Easy to clean, no yard work, no bills, and very cost effective on a small budget.  Donald decided against the selling-insurance-to truckers gig because it was 100% commission based as well as paying self-employment taxes (read:  huge headache).  Being in the RV completely eliminates all the stress of having to find a job ASAP as well as the stresses of home ownership.  Bonus:  when we rebuild the savings a bit we can travel.  We still feel like we are meant to be in Salem but we are already talking about going to Arizona for the winter.  The Big Adventure, which never really ended, is back on!

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