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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Moving into your own home is one heck of an adventure!  We didn't get the keys (for one bureaucratic reason or another) until the evening of the 15th.  I spent some seriously long hours painting and cleaning; the refrigerator had taken on a fuzzy green life of its own, unfortunately.  We had an amazing crew of friends help us move; as one group was hauling in boxes and furniture, another group was tearing out the upstairs carpet.  By Christmas Eve afternoon I was hanging the last pictures and having a celebratory Scotch.  Then I had a nap in preparation for midnight mass, which is where, no matter what is going on, my Christmas always comes together.

To make the season even more interesting we've had four trips to Urgent Care/ER, two cases of strep throat, an actual Staph infection, a broken furnace and a partridge in a pear tree.

Just kidding about the partridge.

Our first house guests arrived the day after Christmas - Donald's parents.  His mom, Bev, will be staying with us for a few weeks while his dad takes an extended hunting trip in Arizona.  We thought we would kick off the New Year by having our rector do a house blessing followed by an open house.  If you're in the neighborhood, swing by.  Bev and I have been baking for two days so I promise you won't leave hungry!

If you can't make the open house, we would love to see you whenever you are passing through.  I hope that our paths will cross during this New Year!  Until then, may your year be bright with promise and brimming with hope.

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