"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remember the Alamo

We finally made the trip to that shrine of Texas freedom, the Alamo.  The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and Donald needed a little pick me up from his adventure with the black water tank so we loaded up the family and headed into town. 

Unbeknownst to me, the Alamo is not just one ancient mission but actually a large compound where 200 men fought and died for 13 days against General Santa Ana's army.  I am not well acquainted with Alamo history and what I do know was gleaned from watching John Wayne's version back in grade school.  The actual mission is fairly small but very beautiful.  We all enjoyed the fairly short and free walking tour and I loved the reverent aspect of the notices posted upon entering the church:  silence in respect to those who gave their lives, remove your hats, no photos or videos.  I think more tourist places ought to be like that.

After the Alamo Donald surprised us all by taking us on a carriage ride of San Antonio.  That is to say, it was his idea and he paid for it.  He did not actually take the reins of the huge but gentle Clydesdale, Magic, but was content to sit in the back seat with me.  The driver was excellent and she gave us lots of historical information about the city such as the pointing out the hotel where JFK spent his last night, the hotel where LBJ and Ladybird spent their wedding night and the church where they were married, the hospital where George Strait and Carol Burnett were born and the church in which Robert E. Lee planted the cornerstone.  Thomas asked the driver dozens of questions about the horse, including "do you let the horses mate?"  He also wanted to know if I had any spare apples, sugar cubes or carrots in my purse to feed the horse.  Alas, I was not so prepared.


  1. Nice moustache, Don! (did I spell that right?) I've always wanted to visit the Alamo. Enjoying touring the country vicariously through you guys. -Blythe

  2. I HATE the moustache. He had a goatee, which we all know and love and then came out of the bathroom on Sunday with this thing! It's like a huge fuzzy caterpillar across his lip. It must go!

  3. I just caught up on the last month of your life! I just had to comment on a few things:
    1. So glad Santa didn't get shot! And I hope no one shoots their eye out!

    2. I loved the goatee-not so much the 'stache. Although he probably fits right in there in Texas!;)

    3. Glad Shake is around, even though he peed on me;)

    4. Please tell me Donalds mouth was closed!!!

    5. And finally, we were just at the riverwalk a month ago. JJ was ready to move us down there!! The summers would kill me.

    Great blogging! We miss you guys wish you were here for the big move next weekend;)