"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We just don't seem to end up where we expected to go these days!  It's the gypsy way, I guess.  When we left Dodge City on Tuesday morning we thought we'd go as far as Dallas and then turn east to northern Louisiana.  One timely phone call and we found ourselves at Ft. Hood Army base, southwest of Waco, TX.  The phone call came from Donald's denominational chaplaincy boss who is a retired army chaplain living near Ft. Hood.  He and his wife have visited us at every duty station and have been a tremendous support to us over the years.  We decided to stay at Ft. Hood several days and were able to reconnect with them over several shared meals.

I am really not such a sunshine lover.  I tend to want to stay in the above freezing to about 75 degree range.  I love the rain but not the snow or cold.  All that to say, it sure is tough, all this suffering we are doing in the 70 degree sunshine.  Shakespeare and I have had several lovely runs and walks and yesterday the whole family pitched in to wash the RV; the boys were clad in only jeans and skin.  To think that a week ago we were wondering how we would get out of the blizzard in Wyoming.  Wearing flip flops again sure feels good!

A bit of trivia:  we were informed that the capitol building in Austin is built like a model of the capitol building in DC, only, Texans being Texans, the one is Austin is bigger.  We drove south through Austin today and can attest that everything really is bigger in Texas!  Currently we are at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.  We plan on staying put for a week but that doesn't mean we won't be busy.  Alongside regular school we anticipate touring the Alamo, Seaworld, the Riverwalk and some of the other historical Missions.  Tour them with us as I update you on our further adventures!


  1. Denise & Don -
    It is over freezing and under 75 here! And all the gray skies you could ever want. Love to have you drive by Salem, OR anytime you like!

    Love ya!
    Doug & Becky

  2. Doug and Becky! We will definitely be that way sometime this spring and we would LOVE to look you up!

  3. I don't know if you have heard that there is going to be a Twist/Neal family reunion in Dickinson the weekend of the 4th of July,2011. It would be fun if you could make it.

    I have been following your adventures, and love to read your stories. I agree with so many others that you should write a book.

    We pray for you often.

    Love you,

    Aunt Linda

  4. Thanks Aunt Linda! Good to hear from you. We heard about the reunion. It's tricky because my family has done one that same weekend for years and we didn't make it last year. I guess it all depends where we are in the country!

  5. You're going the wrong direction! Turn left and head west then turn right and head north!
    Miss you guys.