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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shakespeare and I went running this morning.  It was sunny and not a cloud in sight, 46 degrees with a clear, pale, January blue sky.  There is a beautiful parade ground here at Lackland encircled by retired aircraft.  I love running by such cool pieces of history.  Today I even ran right up the bricked parade area which I'm sure I'm not supposed to do but what is life if you can't be a tiny bit of a rebel now and again?

Now, generally speaking I don't know my B-52's from my KC-135's or my P-3's.  Being highly educated and reasonably intelligent I was able to pick out the Stealth Bomber and the planes flown during World War II.  Something to do with the Nazi swastikas painted on the side, indicating targets that had been hit.  My favorite craft is a plane called "Heaven Above" which had a gorgeously painted female leg, clad in stocking, garter and high heel, protruding through a white cumulus cloud.  The plane looked like a movie prop for "Biloxi Blues."  How lucky am I that I get the opportunity to share my runs with these silent witnesses to America's history?

I also found myself musing over the differences between Navy and Air Forces bases.  Lackland is a training base so all the sidewalks are wide as some European roads; all the new Boots need to have plenty of room to learn to march properly.  We see them out all the time.  Donald even saw a group standing at attention at the bus stop!  With Boots coming and going this place is spic and span all the time.  The campground over looks a gorgeous golf course.  Navy folk like to make a little joke at the Air Force expense:  when the Air Force builds a new base they start with the housing, the golf courses, and the officer's club.  When the money runs out then they go back to congress and ask for more to build their runways and hangars.  Eric, if you are reading this from the desert, I love you but you know its true!!  My Air Force wife friends ought to feel lucky and if you don't you should visit an army, marine, or navy base some time!  The other bases are not always bad, just not nearly as nice as Air Force.  Army, Marine, and Navy wives can I get a Hoorah here?
Okay, okay, just so my Air Force friends don't feel like I'm picking on them, Go Navy, Beat Army!!! 

The great thing about all the branches of the military, jokes aside, is that when it comes right down to it we are all on the same side.  The military is definitely stronger as one team than it could ever be individually and each part needs another.  Every branch has a specific job and all parts work together as a greater whole, for a great cause:  American freedom.  Thank you to all of you, regardless of the color of your uniform.

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  1. We actually have a friend who is at boot camp at Lackland right now! She is about 6 weeks into it. So she should be getting to the golf lessons part about now...