"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blah(g), Blah(g), Blah(g)

This whole blog thing is something of a wonder to me.  When I began it was strictly to track our Big Adventure in public journal fashion.  We know loads of people after living all over the country and I had encouragement from most of them to blog so they could travel vicariously through us.  Of course, it was also a bit of a joke since I am likely the most technologically illiterate person you know.  You may or may not be surprised to know that I wrote a dissertation completely in pencil before I ever sat down to a computer!  That this blog has over 7,000 views is not exactly viral but is still bewildering to me because I'm often surprised that old friends as well as strangers in Slovenia take the time to read my ramblings.  I don't know anyone in Slovenia, Malaysia, Australia, or Germany but there they are, tracking in my stats keeper along with people in Russia, the UK, Ireland, France, Canada and many other countries!

Once I got going I really wondered if I would have enough to say over the months.  And, self doubt whispered, "Why would anyone really want to read whatever it is I have to write?"  I always have something to say about nearly everything but putting it in writing, so to speak, for anyone who stumbles onto the blog is intimidating.  I've always enjoyed writing and my mother has assured me I was a writer since I could hold a crayon.  Remember "Rodeo Rosie," Mom?  Thanks for the eternal vote of confidence but you are, after all, my mother and could be be just a teensy bit biased!

As the Big Adventure progressed I found myself thinking in terms of the blog.  "That's something for the blog."  "I've got to blog about that!"  I go through my day mentally formulating phrases and paragraphs in preparation for actually sitting in front of the computer, generally a paralyzing activity as evidenced by my love for the pencil.  As if living with PTSD and the frustrations of dealing with the VA aren't enough to blog about, life on the road was rife with blog fodder.  For every blog I wrote on the road I could probably have written three more but a writer wants to capture the audience and not scare them off.  You really don't want to hear everything I have to say and not everything thing I have to say should be heard!  Since settling in Salem, if one could really call us settled, I haven't blogged as much because a.  nothing much is happening and b.  I don't want to blog just to fill space.  I have considered ending the blog because it was meant to be for the Big Adventure which had a natural timespan.

Yesterday my friend Emily visited.  Our families were stationed together in Iceland and I haven't seen her since August of 2005.  Amid catching up on six years of information she was bold and called me on my blogging reduction (sounds like a surgical procedure) while at the same time admitting her own stalking of and addiction to the blog.  Emily, as well as many other faithfully biased readers, want me to continue blogging.  About what, I'm not sure.  No one is offering any helpful advice other than Don't Quit!  Then there are the Really Helpful Sorts who want me to write a book.  People have lots of nice things to say that make me blush.  Talk about an ego boost!  Except that the suggestion ends there.  Nothing about what to write, nothing about finding an agent or getting it published.

Here's the deal:  if you will continue to read and be interested, I will continue to blog and be interesting.  I can't guarantee quantity because I'm more of a quality girl.  And if anyone knows anything about getting a book deal, I'm my own agent.  For now!


  1. As a relative who prays for you and your family daily, I enjoy your blogs about Don and the boys. How they are doing, what they are doing, etc. You are a good and interesting writer who makes me laugh, cry and think.

    I will continue to follow your blog.

    Love you all,


  2. Denise- I absolutely want you to continue. It's been great to know more about your life than just touching base one a year or so! Please keep it up. Love, Blythe

  3. Your life is the adventure, not just the road trip. I am all for staying along for the ride.