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Sunday, June 12, 2011

VA Update

Just a brief update on our VA benefits situation.  Oh, wait.  There isn't one.

We haven't had any response from Bill O'Reilly but not terribly surprised by that.  It's not like he doesn't have a high powered job or anything.  My next move is to make contact with our state representatives and see if we get any sort of response.

Don made his weekly call to the VA on Friday only to find out that yes, again, they are missing a piece of paperwork.

Paperwork that was submitted last October.

This is the second time paperwork has turned up missing, after reassuring Donald that everything was in his file and we should be hearing from them "soon."  Hmmmm.  Liar, Liar, someone's Pants are on Fire!

Okay, rant over.

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