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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Play Ball, Laura!

One of the wisest women I know is a good friend from Washington, Laura Goheen.  She and her husband have successfully raised four amazing boys and now they get to love two adorable granddaughters.  She is one of those quietly wise sorts; you know, the type who doesn't always have to something to say but when she does she hits the nail right on the head.  She is also incredibly humble.

So, yesterday I get a mass email from Laura and the basic text was "here's the national anthem if anyone wants to see it."

I confess.

I deleted it because I thought it was just a mass email and being the technological idiot that I am, I can't be bothered to attempt a navigation through youtube.  Laura, please, Please Forgive Me!  Then I started getting all the mass responses to her email so this morning I decided to give it a look.  Lo!  and Behold!  It is Laura, singing the National Anthem at a Seattle Mariners Game!!! I'm still in amazement, not that she is singing because she is worship leader at her church and her family made records when she was a kid, but amazed because of her humility!  How many thousands were there?  How many saw her on TV?  Oh my Gosh!

Laura, you did an outstanding job and it was so endearing to hear your boys yell "I love you, Mom" at the end of the video!  I'm so proud to not only know you but to be your friend!

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