"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Target Interview

Donald's interview this morning went well and will most likely be offered to him in the next couple of days.  The only catch is that he didn't realize it was part time.  This does not bode well for buying a house but bodes extremely well for getting him out of the RV if/when we move back into it at the weekend.  We are still praying for a miracle but have also been collecting more boxes.  I really hope that doesn't indicate a lack of faith.

I had an interesting conversation with #1 this morning after hearing about Donald's interview.  It went something like this:

"Mama, who was that guy who talked to the burning weed?"

Bemusedly, I stared at him because we had not been discussing anything biblical.  After a moment it came to me.  "You mean Moses?"

"Yeah.  All those people who followed him around wanted to give up but God didn't let them die, did he?"  Then he turned around and marched self-righteously away.

I didn't mention to the back of his head that since the Israelites wandered for forty years, yes, technically many of them did die.  I believe #1's focus was on the miracle of manna from heaven every morning.  Do you see what I live with?  A theologian AND a know-it-all.  Sometimes he is a rather unpleasant child.  It's a good thing he is cute!

It's looking more and more like the Big Adventure may be back on, this time with considerably less travel.  Then again, even though the RV has been parked for three months it feels as though the Big Adventure never really ended.

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