"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Moving Day to Me, Happy Moving Day to Me!

Today is the Day.  My house is boxed and ready to go.  This morning we load everything we need for life into the RV and tomorrow everything else goes into storage.  Again.  If anyone is keeping count, this our 18th official move in 17 years.  Even better is that it is the 6th time in 13 months that we have moved every piece of our life in and out of storage from East to West Coast.  The six storage moves?  Those aren't even included in the 18.  So we could almost call it 24 moves in 17 years.  Whatever we call it, it doesn't get much crazier.  I've already decided my children will be in therapy someday so I may as well really give them something to pad their case!

In order to make today (my actual natal date) a little nicer, Donald threw a surprise birthday party for me last night.  As I had already showered off the packing grime and was happily ensconced in bed with a book when I was called outside, I was indeed surprised.  So were the guests when I appeared with wet hair and in my pajamas!  I had to make a blushing retreat in order to procure more suitable guest-of-honor attire!

We have a lovely outdoor eating area by the water that is perfect for entertaining.  In fact, several hours before the surprise party I was packing up outdoor stuff and found myself thinking it such a shame that we hadn't even had a party at this perfect house.  I really was surprised last night!  Donald managed to smuggle two families into the back yard, molten carrot cupcakes, gifts and party hats without my noticing.  Thank you to the Williams and Hedberg families for making the evening memorable!

This next statement will only prove what most of you have long known:  I am a complete nerd because Donald bought me a toaster for my birthday and it is the best birthday gift I have had in years!

Yes, I said it.  A Toaster.

The adage about never buying your wife something that plugs in is a big, fat lie at our house because this is not just any toaster.  This is the Ferrari of the Toaster world.  Except it is English, not Italian and doesn't drive very fast!  I have wanted a Dualit toaster for the better part of a decade but it is one of those things I just couldn't bring myself to buy because I couldn't justify the expense.  I don't know how he pulled it off because he rarely leaves the house but I don't even care.  I was giddy last night as I lay in bed reading my new Toaster Manual, which describes my Toaster as "gleaming, sturdy and tough as old boots."  Donald kept shaking his head and muttering things about me being something out of a Mr. Bean sketch.  This morning I smiled as my gleaming, stainless steel toaster flirted with me from the counter.  I'm pretty sure I caught a wink!

It's funny how a few friends, goofy hats,  and a thoughtful husband can cheer up a dismal thing like moving and getting older.  Truthfully, the moving bothers me more.  Call it a fringe benefit but I figure the older I get, the more forthright I can be and people will just chalk it up to cantankerous age!

For now, I have to go make some Toast!


  1. It was an honor and so much fun to celebrate your birthday with you, last night and today! We are so glad you guys are in Salem!

  2. Yay! You got the toaster!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I would be thrilled with a new birthday toaster. I'm sorry you're moving again.

  3. Happy birthday (and new toaster day, too), ex post facto. Brandon+