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Thursday, September 29, 2011

10,000 +

It has been a week or so since my last post because I really haven't been inspired to write much.  We are settling into a normal (as normal as life in an RV can be) routine with school, piano, sports and job schedules.  Donald now has regular working hours and seems to be doing well with juggling work and school.  The boys and I keep a fairly strict school schedule which I find works well for us.  Other homeschool families are a lot more relaxed but for us,  there is less gnashing of teeth if the work gets done straightaway rather than interrupting sacred playtime hours.

Fall is my favorite time of year which only adds to my pleasure of working in the apple orchard.  I love that I have something to force me outside, even on days when the weather is less than perfect and I would otherwise be inclined to stay in with a good book.  Living in an RV, because there is no yard work or home maintenance, allows you to stay in more than is probably good.  I kick the boys outside regularly but then find myself using those moments to tidy up or to relax for a few minutes.  Since I'm not training for any lengthy races my runs are not terribly long these days; all reasons to be thankful for an outdoor job this time of year.  Breathing in the crisp and fresh air is nearly intoxicating.

My latest intoxicant was logging on this morning and discovering that my blog has now received more than 10,000 hits since launching it last Halloween.  Obviously this is not a blog that has gone viral.  It's not taking the world by storm.  I'm still waiting for that call from the Today Show.  Or a famous agent.  Either would be great!  Still, it's heady stuff to know that someone out there thinks what I have to say is worth reading.  Headier still is looking at my audience map and realizing that people from every continent in the world have contributed to my 10,000+ hits.  Complete strangers.  I'm used to my mom reading the blog.  And my A.J.  My friend Emily scolds me if I go too long between posts.  But strangers?  In Moldova?  I possess no knowledge of the internet's fine points so I chalk it up to serendipity that someone could actually find me.  Or even be interested.  Especially if there is a language barrier requiring translation.  I shake my head in amazement.

I also say thank you, whether you are a reader from the beginning of my crazy story or whether you've just logged on for the first time.  No matter the audience's size, a writer is gratified to have a reader, whether it is her mother or someone in Egypt.  Even more gratifying would be to find out that one of those strangers has a book deal . . .

And Mom, if 9,500 of the blog hits are yours, let me remain in ignorance!

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