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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mating bees and Swinging through Trees

The crucial cord for loading photos on the computer went missing the three months we were in the house.  It's a good thing we moved back into the RV because we found the cord in the moving process.  What follows is a photo montage representing our first summer in Salem, including two campouts last month.  A personal family note:  this summer is the first time our boys have done sparklers.  We lived in Iceland for four summers and because of the 24 hours of daylight there were no fireworks.  After moving back we spent the 4th in different ways but never got around to doing the sparkler thing until the boys asked this year, "What are sparklers?"  I was immediately appalled at my inattentive parenting (after all, they are 11 and 9) and I purchased sparklers, snakes and smoke bombs straightaway.

Rub a dub dub, four guys in a tub!
Donald and I, just hanging out.
Look Mom, I'm upside down!

It really is me.  I had as much fun as the boys!

Hanging out with #1.

#2 and I hanging out.

Flowers from the house.

#1.  The headband is made of Lamb's Ears and he is being Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

Three men and some fireworks.

We got tired of lighting snakes individually so we lit the whole box!

What's more American than cowboys on the 4th of July?

Seriously, it's a menage a trois of bumblebees.  We researched it and yes, they are mating.  Not sure how.  The boys and I watched them for about 15 minutes and took a dozen photos.  Craziest thing!

Their favorite spot in the house.

#1, miming at the neighborhood campout talent show.

3 Ex-Cheerleaders, dusting off ancient skills for the Talent Show.

Pool duty is tough.
The Pool at the RV park.

Hiking Silver Falls at the annual St. Timothy's Parrish Campout.
Climbing up a chimney hole.
Almost there . . .

Made it!
This little guy took up residency on the chapel ceiling.

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