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Thursday, September 22, 2011


When tea isn't enough and the longing to be on the other side of the Atlantic gets too strong I haunt the Anglotopia website to get my fix of English news blurbs, interesting articles and British Airways advertisements.  Oddly, it increases rather than assuages my longings.  My need to be in England drove to me to the website last week where I discovered that they sometimes take articles from other bloggers.

Well, hmmm.  I'm a blogger.  I have all sorts of things to say about England.  No brainer!  I wrote to the Head Guy and he welcomed a few of my ideas with the caveat that they don't pay anything.  Who cares?  No one pays me to write for you, loyal reader.  It's a huge website with all sorts of advertising.  The pay off is that if my posts are popular then I could be asked to submit things regularly.  I would be able to claim an official byline!!!  My blog would be advertised on their site and vice versa.  I love to write and how cool is it to get a bigger readership?  All the better for me to get hired somewhere!

Yesterday I spent a joyous hour or two sketching out all my ideas for Anglotopia.  A full page of notes.  I began writing my first article with my trusty paper and pencil.  Today I took my notes outside to work, hoping, perhaps, to be inspired by a beautiful fall day.  I set my notes in my chair and then got sidetracked with a small task.  When I turned around to pick up my work I noticed, with great dismay that a bird had pooped blackberry seeds all over my notes!

Everybody is a critic.

I hope it is not a sign of what the Head Guy at Anglotopia will think.  I've already carefully recopied what I could read of my soggy, purple page.  From now on I think I will admire nature, at least while writing, from the safety of my kitchen table!

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