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Friday, November 19, 2010

Face(book)ing Rejection

I am not a techy girl.  I didn't have email until after the turn of the century and I refused to order online until I moved to a remote island overseas and it became a necessity.  I have sent approximately 15 texts in my life; 12 in the last two weeks.  I can barely find my phone because I think it is a nuisance.  I wrote my dissertation entirely in pencil before I ever sat down to type.  I ignored all Facebook friend requests for years until last December when, kicking and screaming, my friend Kellianna handed me my big girl panties and made me a Facebook account.  I sort of got into it, meaning, I checked it every few days and posted something once or twice a week.  Maybe. 

I'm slowly getting into the turn of the century with this blog and then, a couple of days ago, I tried to access my Facebook account only to find that my account has been cancelled.  No warning.  No polite email with an explanation.  As best as I can figure, Facebook doesn't like pseudonyms.  How do they know Jane Austen wasn't my real name?  I have very legitimate reasons for not using my real name.  This is like the digital equivalent of being flipped the bird.  I'm confident I can withstand the rejection and I'm not going to re-do my account.  To my whopping total of 29 Facebook friends, this is your explanation as to why I no longer exist.  I didn't drop of a mountain cliff or fall into Flathead Lake.  I've just been rejected by the world's largest social networking site.  After I'm done crying perhaps I'll figure out a way to write my blog with a pencil!

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