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Monday, November 8, 2010

"On the Road Again"

Well, almost anyway.  Tomorrow morning we pull chocks (good Navy aviation lingo there!) and say farewell to Virginia.  We've been hard at work tying up all our loose ends.  The biggest loose end was spending 9 hours, just the two of us, loading our household goods into a truck.  Hopefully we will see it all successfully in Montana!  The second biggest loose end was completely emptying the RV in order to get an empty weight and then putting all our stuff away again so we can obtain a full weight.  Ugh!  Since the military pays us according to how much poundage we move it is well worth the effort because it is money in our pocket.  However, we have spent most of this week sore as a couple of old dogs!

Necessity is not only the mother of invention but apparently the decider of our first destination on the the Big Adventure.  The trucking company is insisting we meet them in Montana by the 15th of November.  Because of an appointment this afternoon we can't leave until tomorrow, leaving only six driving days. Even taking the most direct route possible  it is barely enough time to drive 3/4 of the way across the country, so Montana it is!  We'll stay through Thanksgiving and we are all excited to see family.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is on hold for now but we promised the boys we will get there. I'm sure Florida will look very appealing around January or February!

We had the grand realization yesterday that our children just may need winter coats for the first time in two years.  We all manage with light jackets, sweaters or hoodies in southern Virginia but it finally occurred to me that something a bit heavier will be needed in Montana and Wyoming.  Bring on the snow because we are now ready!

We'll post again from the road so keep checking on our progress!

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