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Monday, November 22, 2010

The morning began well; we had both heat and water.  I know because I have been awake since 3:30 this morning, listening to the beautiful sound of my furnace cycling on and off.  I was able to brush my teeth inside the RV for a change and I had plenty of water for tea.  It was shaping up to be a wonderful day.

The blow came after Donald did his morning round of checking the outside affairs of the RV.  He came inside, cheeks red and glasses fogged, and announced, "We have two choices.  We either head south or we winterize."  There was four inches of new snow, with more falling, and a mountain pass to cross; the choice seemed pretty obvious.  Everything seemed frost free inside the heated underbelly but the tank drain (which hangs outside the heated area) was frozen solid.  Pretty big problem when you have black and gray tanks that need to be drained every few days.

If you've never had to help your husband hitch up your house in a 10 degree snow storm, well, you're just missing out on all kinds of fun!  Welcome to life in the Twist family!  The RV is currently at the dealer, thawing out so they can winterize it.  Apparently we did have a couple of frozen lines; we are crossing our fingers there is no damage.  We are currently at my in-laws for the night.  This is no small favor as we bring two dogs and children to add to their four English Setters.  The worst part of the day was going back to the campground and discovering the boys bikes were gone.  Somebody probably thought we forgot them since our site was empty.  Hopefully when we bring the RV back tomorrow they will return them but until then we have a fairly distraught 8 year old on our hands.  He actually cried when hearing the news because his bike had been a birthday present a couple of years ago. 

I'm pretty excited that I might actually sleep tonight since freezing is no longer an imminent threat.  I'd sleep really well if my Broncos actually beat the Chargers but it's not looking so well for them.  Tomorrow I have to figure out how to live in an RV without water.  I will look to the Pioneers for inspiration.  And maybe keep an eye out for some chamber pots!

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