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Friday, April 1, 2011

From Sunburns to Snowballs

Mt. Shasta

When we left Tucson Monday morning #2 was sporting his first significant sunburn resulting from sunblock not applied often enough and too many hours in the middle of the day at the skate park and the D-M picnic last Saturday.  Poor guy even had tiny blisters on his nose.  I take full responsibility and feel terrible about it.  Doesn't seem to phase him at all, especially yesterday afternoon when we arrived at a KOA located at the base of Mt. Shasta to find several feet of snow piled high, some filthy from plows and the rest sparklingly bride-white.  The boys did not care a bit about exposed skin in their shorts and t shirts.  They plunged right in and had an old fashioned snow ball fight (begun, of course, by the Biggest Kid) within five minutes of stopping the truck.  We weren't even checked in yet!

What is this stuff?

A new friend, come to join the fun

Wet to the knees!

Onward to Oregon today!

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