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Friday, April 8, 2011

Skate Story

I'm pleased to report the country song is over.  My house, my truck and my dog are all returned to me.  My in-laws successfully arrived yesterday, the birthday is over and as we breakfasted this morning my boys shared a skate park story.  I had meant to blog about it when it occurred but I promise, it's still pretty funny several weeks later.

The day after the big skateboard buying event in Tucson Donald and I walked to the park to check on the boy's progress.  We took a few photos and then my husband decided to show the boys some tricks.  Let's keep in mind that I have known him nearly twenty years and I have never seen him on a skateboard.  Ever.  I'm pretty sure his skating knowledge only spans a couple of junior high years despite his self-proclaimed skill.  Basically he hadn't been on a board in a LONG time.  He took several cursory spins around the park and then tried to flip #2's board.  He flipped it all right.  The flip, surprisingly, worked.  The landing was the problem.  After completing the flip he landed dead center on the board which could have been awe inspiring if it hadn't been accompanied by a loud CRACK!  The board actually broke in half, much to the open-jawed dismay of my two children and their buddy.

The best part of the story is the walk home.  Sort of a walk of shame for Donald; for #2 it was a slumped shoulder and fiercely trying not to cry in front of his friend walk.  As the two boys walked in front of me I heard #2's buddy say, "Dude, doesn't your dad know there's a weight limit on these things?"  It was all I could do to keep my snorts of laughter to myself.

It goes without saying that Donald did not snort with laughter.  Especially as he had to make an emergency trip to the skate store to replace the board!


  1. Skateboarding is all the rage with the Carlisle Crew. Between the Gwordskes and the Wirths ... I believe there are five new boards and lots of padding. I know you're stuck in Salem ... I mean resting in Salem ... but I know a group of kids who would love to head over to the skate park with some old friends.

    Miss you!

  2. Kel, where's the skate park??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Skate Park is just passed the boys & girls club near the airport. Apparently it is known in skate circles as "Narlington" .... terrifying. Adam is making Scott take him down to watch.