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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving Forward, In the Same Place

Today has been somewhat confusing but we are still operating on Peace.  We remain peaceful that we are meant to be Salem.  We remain peaceful that God is doing something bigger than ourselves.  Yet, new issues have cropped up with the home buying situation.  A home inspection revealed the house needs a new roof; the current one will not make the five-year mark the mortgage company likes to see.  The seller knew this per his own buying inspection two years ago but is not willing, yet, to pay for a new roof.  He would like to raise the purchase price to pay for the roof; somewhat ridiculous given the state of the economy, the home buying market, the fact that he has already lowered the price and in 7 months, we have made the only offer on the house.  Everything seemed so clear just days ago and now we are uncertain.  Are we hearing God correctly?  It is so easy to second guess ourselves.

Beyond that, any of this could come crashing in at any moment.  The VA could refuse Donald's case for benefits, highly unlikely but always a possibility.  Maybe we won't qualify for a mortgage, even though we are pre-approved.  The seller could refuse to make any of the repairs and the house deal could fall through.  Perhaps the RV won't ever sell and we'll be stuck with a giant, portable guest house with its accompanying payments.

On the other hand, maybe we are listening and hearing correctly.  Maybe this house on the street that means "place of rest" will be a blessing to someone other than us.  Maybe we'll be able to offer rest and peace to other hurting souls.  Maybe God has brought us to Salem because He has a plan so much larger than we can possibly see at the moment.

Right now we have no idea what is ahead.  And that's okay because that's how we've been living life for the last couple of years.  I'm not sure what is in the next five minutes but I am trusting in the One who has a hope for my future, a plan for good and not harm.  Trust along with me and let's see where He takes us.

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  1. Hi Denise, I had not been on the Blog for a while. It was good to 'catch up'. I have a good / bad excuse. Let's just say recovering from a total hard drive crash takes a while in an already full schedule and leave it at that. I'm sure can fill in the blanks.
    Wow, Salem and potentially settling in. I think we've been through there but I can't say as I remember it well. I have, however, always heard good things about it.
    Thanks for the updates.