"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I would love to think that we are such amazingly delightful people that friends and family just cannot help but invite us into their homes when we encounter vehicular difficulty.  However, I'm fairly certain it's something more like the goodness of their hearts and possibly familial responsibility that urges them to say, "Hey, just move in!"  Whichever the case I have developed a new term for the Twist's:  situationally parasitic.

We are still in Salem but without the RV as the dealer needed to keep it several days.  They are going to take care of some minor, warranty covered repairs as well.  Our seminary friends threw open their doors and we set up our refugee shelter in their living room.  They are the fourth family we have "moved in" with since beginning the Big Adventure, although the Lewis' in Virginia win since we were there a month when we were in between selling our motorhome and receiving our fifth wheel.  The only reason they remained our friends is probably because they were gone for three weeks!  We have lived with both parents and now the Williams' in Salem.  See?  Situationally parasitic!  This should serve as a warning to all of you if we head your direction.  If the RV is well you have no worries but if something goes wrong, and we will pray against Murphy's Law, your goodness will take over, you will invite us in and we will become situationally parasitic again.  At least we are aware of our issues and as soon as we live in something that doesn't hitch to our truck you probably won't see us for some time!

Speaking of trucks, ours, thankfully, is fine.  Brakes are not a problem so no more worries there.  In between vehicle servicing we have been busy catching up with friends.  We are loving our time with the Williams family, spiced with great food and excellent conversation.  Oh, and lots of Legos for our boys!  Yesterday we drove to Portland to buy a birthday gift for #1 who will be eleven tomorrow.  While there we managed to find Donald's best friend from high school and we were able to hang out with his family awhile.  My in-laws are driving this way tomorrow for the birthday and then we look forward to everyone traveling to the Oregon coast together to spend time with Donald's aunt and uncle.  After the coast we will probably head back to Salem as we have some ongoing work to be done on the RV.  Remember way back in November when Donald took out a wooden fence at a KOA in South Dakota?  We are finally getting the body work done from that little injury.

And then?  We really don't know yet.  The job offer in Virginia was ruled out for us and together we ruled out the job in Washington state.  Donald just did not feel it was something he wanted to do or that it would use any of his gifts and skills.  At present we have nothing to chase and no real inkling of where God would have us settle down.  The one thing we would love more than anything else seems to be out of the realm of possibility.  Of course, God delights in impossibilities.  And that's Who would have to arrange it because there is no way I can make it happen!

Lastly, concerning impossibilities, it was just a year ago that Donald began his third stay in a mental hospital.  Out of that stay came a return of his faith in God, missing since his initial injury in 2007.  It's slow going but he maintains his faith and hope and he trusts in God's plan for us, since we sure don't have one yet!

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