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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's NOT in my head!

My eyelids unglued themselves at 4:30 this morning and my first conscious thought was, "It's really cold."  Not cold as in "my-husband-stole-the-blankets" but cold as in "it's-been-raining-in-the-Pacific-Northwest-for-a-week-and-we-must-be-out-of-propane" cold.  The rain kept pattering down even as I rolled over to do  the sensible thing, which was, of course, wake Donald.

We've been through this before but it has been some time.  Our Florida Keys, San Antonio, Tucson, Georgia winter has been so lovely and warm we've barely used the heat the last three months.  We actually had the A/C on several times.  We knew Oregon would be rainy and chilly but had forgotten just how chilly spring could be.  We've already filled both our propane bottles once since our arrival.  This morning's problem was that not one, but both bottles were empty because Someone forgot to refill the last time he switched bottles.

I'm not a lounge in bed type but the only defense against the 50 degree air was to snuggle deeper into the covers.  Donald had Ideas about how to keep warm but I was too busy blaming him to feel romantic.  I snuggled my dog instead.

Being the hunter-gatherer he is off, right now, in search of heat for the family.  I reflect once more my gladness at not being a pioneer.  No propane for them, just frigid mornings gathering sticks while cold air blows up your dress.  I believe I can handle lots of circumstances but being cold just isn't one of them.  Almost nothing can ruin my outlook quicker than the cold.  I remember having a huge fight on top of a mountain with my then-fiance about my freezing limbs and he informed me that it was all in my head.  We had been cross country skiing for hours and the cold was most emphatically not in my head.  It was not a pleasant trip home and I recalled that conversation this morning.  I wanted to ask Donald if the cold in the RV was in my head but better sense prevailed and I went back to sleep instead!

The sun is making a brief appearance, my propane just arrived and it looks like the day will only get better from here!

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