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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Exercise Conundrum

The conundrum is not whether I should exercise or eat cookies.  The obvious answer to that is both!  The conundrum is how, exactly, to accomplish exercise in an RV.  Space being at a fairly high premium, my exercise equipment is limited to running shoes, a few hand weights, one military issue foam mat and assorted dvd's. Running is a no brainer for me; I've done it close to twenty years for fun and competitively the last four.  Running shoes are small to pack, especially since I've adopted the nearly barefoot method of running in Vibram's Five Finger shoes.  They are slightly thicker than socks with a reinforced bottom and individual toes.  Love 'em!  When parked on a military base it is safe to run and simple to find a route because lots of other people are out there too.

When we stay off base I don't always feel as safe, even with neurotic Shakespeare as my running partner, so I generally stick to exercising inside the RV.  This also makes for more cross training than I have probably ever done.  The major issue is how to do serious exercise in a 32 inch by 6 foot space.  Seriously, I measured it and that's what I have to work with.  So try to picture it.  My military issue, cammie green foam mat stretched out on my floor just barely fits within my 32 inch width allotment.  It doesn't have the cool sticky back of a real yoga mat and if the corners aren't held down with spare weights, soup cans or beer bottles it just wants to roll right back up.  There's my first hurdle.  Second hurdle:  which dvd?  Well, anything that is continuously jumping around is out because my entire house is balanced on four tires and four leveling jacks.  I miss the stability factor of a good concrete foundation sometimes.  Obviously yoga is a good choice but have you ever tried a downward facing dog or a boat pose when your real live dog is sniffing your very personal parts?  Or if you are upside down in a bridge and the dog decides to stick his tongue up your nose?  Chuckle away but these are daily occurrences at my house.  Not long ago I discovered Jillian Michael's Kettlebell workout and I love, love, love it but again, there are challenges.  The workout involves lots of swinging of weights around your head and through your legs.  Not smacking the weights into your shins or your temple is hard enough in a spacious living room but trying to manage it without hitting the tv, window, island or faucets all in one sweep is almost impossible.  I have, on occasion, whacked a dog in the head with a weight as it was unsuspectingly trying to leap past me onto the couch.  Poor Shakey has enough issues without head trauma!

I share these stories with you as another snippet of life on the Big Adventure.  The next time you opt for your treadmill or to flail about in your big living room or your gym, remember this posting and have a good laugh.  Just don't do it while you are trying to hold Proud Warrior or do a Sun Salutation!  And put your dog outside!

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