"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, March 11, 2011

We have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Waiting for a part for our water heater is only a partial decider; we've decided we love Tucson and just want to hang out here a few weeks.  So far we have had a relaxing week with a relatively normal school schedule for the boys.  The weather here is fantastic, very dry, breezy and yesterday, 90 degrees.  For never having been a sunshine girl, I sure love it when I know it is winter every where else.  The next time we retire I definitely want to be a snowbird!

I am over the moon excited for tomorrow.  By sheer happenstance I discovered that an annual literary festival is scheduled at the University of Arizona this weekend and I get to listen to a seminar by one of my favorite authors.  There are also seminars for educators and tons of hands on stuff for children, like Lego robotics activities and chemistry demonstrations.  Those were the big selling points for my children.  Donald, he's pretty much along just to make his bluestocking wife happy and to hang out with the boys during the boring seminars.  Hundreds of authors, some famous and some local, will be there signing books, as well as music events and tons of cool, local food vendors.  One of the great perks is that the festival, and parking, is free!  I plan on wandering around with a contented smile all day as I bask in the literary glow.

The boys have succeeded in befriending most of the campground since we moved in on Monday.  Every afternoon there are about 10 children of various ages gathered around my RV, raiding the arsenal of light sabers and guns in order to save the universe.  I know I sleep better at night knowing I am so well protected.  The raiding doesn't stop with the swords and guns though.  #2 likes nothing more than to be the perfect host which means generously offering up any and all snacks he can find, emptying the kitchen cupboards and the snack basket in the pickup.  I did not bat an eye when they emptied the Oreos, an entire box of Cheese Nips, the Anise Toast and the Seaweed Snack (all in one afternoon, by the way) but I had to draw the line when I heard him offering my cocoa roasted almonds!  I found myself at the commissary today, buying multiple boxes of Cheese Nips, the ingredients for Rice Krispie treats and freeze pops.  I hate to discourage him because I would rather everyone play where I can keep an eye on things but good grief, a girl could go broke!  I keep telling myself it is money well spent.

Keep your fingers crossed that the next time I post, I can report a steady and reliable supply of hot water!


  1. The conference sounds great. Who's your favorite author? I also draw the line at my cocoa-roasted almonds! love those. -Blythe

  2. Send my kids home if they come over for snacks they aren't supposed to go that far and we have tons of food.lol.

  3. Blythe, she is Diana Gabaldon and her first book is Outlander. You will love it! She was recommended to me last fall by a friend and I have devoured her. Somehow I knew you would love cocoa-roast almonds! They are the perfect long car ride snack!

    Lori, your kids are are great and my boys have loved playing with them. Have a great time at the Grand Canyon!

  4. I feel as though your blog is rejecting me ... I know I posted earlier about my massive jealous over you getting to meet Diana Gabaldon ...