"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We are in Lordsburg, New Mexico and have hot water!  Yes, Doug, we found a Camping World this morning north of El Paso, within sight of the Welcome to New Mexico sign.  Turns out a very important wire had fizzled out.  It was a fairly quick fix but did allow for us to have an early lunch at a great little Mexican cantina.  We're suckers for good Mexican food, which my father-in-law would say is an oxymoron!

Driving through El Paso was interesting.  I've never been so close to the Mexican border.  We have now crossed Texas' northern border which is the Red River and now we've driven side by side with the Rio Grand River, its southern border.  Even more interesting was gazing past the massive border fence into Old Mexico.  I was honestly surprised at how beautiful the desert with its bad mountains could be.  It is a dry area.  I've lived in Wyoming so I know about dry but it is nothing like west Texas.  I cannot imagine what it must feel like in August.  There is so little vegetation here except for cactus and juniper and pinon.  And a whole lot of dust.  And Texas sand burrs.  The next time you walk on one of the regular tiny ones and you are limping in anguish, remember this photo and you'll feel better!
Everything's bigger in Texas!
Just a sample of West Texas geography

It's a good thing we have hot water because there isn't much else to look forward to here.  There was a section of I-10 that the border patrol had closed off just west of Las Cruces and we had to go through a checkpoint.  When they asked us where we were headed we ignorantly replied, "Lordsburg."  The officer looked at us in astonishment, laughed, and said, "What's in Lordsburg?"  All we could say was, "a KOA."  Now that we are here we can report, with confidence, there is nothing in Lordsburg!  It is quite desolate here unless you like cactus and lots of wind.  The RV is shaking every so often in a particularly huge gust.  On the way here Donald asked me how far we were from Roswell or Area 51 and I mentioned at one point that I was expecting the Men In Black to pop out from behind a pinon and erase our memories!  Tomorrow it is Tucson or Bust for the Twist Family and we plan on staying for a few days.  I love travel but battening and unbattening my hatches every single day is a bit tiresome.

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