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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from Tucson!

I was fortunate to have laser eye surgery last August.  I have gone from being unable to even see the chart on the wall to having 20/15 vision.  Thus, I was able to clearly see the harvest gold and avocado green tile in the KOA shower house.  I was also clearly able to see the spider who was indeed lurking above my head.  Kind of creeps me out to think about all the spiders over the years that I couldn't see!  Actually, the shower house wasn't so bad.  I've been in worse; for instance, the coed youth hostel bathroom in London that was nasty and had a naked Italian guy drying off in the hall when I stepped out of my stall.  That will wake you up in the morning!  As a former camp counselor who travelled all over Wyoming and Montana I've definitely seen worse camp bathrooms.  I survived this one and I didn't have to share it with thirty sixth graders or naked Italians.

We left NM before the crack of dawn yesterday to arrive in Tucson when the dealer was opening.  They checked everything and basically declared our lack of hot water was somehow due to operator failure.  When we got to the campground, which by the way, is a county fairgrounds because the base is full, we still had no hot water and we had to turn around and go back to the dealer.  Then they tested some things and replaced our thermostat.  As of today we sort of have hot water.  It seems to work on propane but not on electric (and it's supposed to do both) but the propane doesn't always want to ignite.  Back to the dealer on Monday.  I'm clean enough to last until then!

Until then we plan on acquainting ourselves with the greater Tucson area.  Hopefully by Tuesday we can move on base which has a breathtaking campground!  We feel authoritative in our experience level that we are qualified to make this statement.  We are going to stay for a week or two until we are convinced the Washington weather is nice enough for us to survive in the RV and we'll continue to California and then up the West coast.

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